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Manchester United Shouldn’t Play the Blame Game

These shoes dangerous exalted, and the referee is, only a fraction of a second view, the offending player is given a red card.

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Some said that Turkish referee decided to Manchester United on Tuesday, the winger, Nani, send by Real Madrid in the Champions League were robbed. Others said that the referee Cuneyt Cakir, his duty was, in this book, and the sentence passed was a dangerous game.

Any way, it is more than a billion dollars every game between the two clubs and the ref calls from turning into the live broadcast in the world.

Nobody knows whether the United Kingdom would have won the game. This led to a red card, but eventually lost 2-1, then the rest of the half hour at Old Trafford reduced to 11 men against 10.

From United result looks like an English side’s Champions League quarter. And, except for football miracle as Arsenal a 3-1 deficit in Munich next week to try to continue, the final English involvement in the future – to be played in London in May – full.

The good thing is, some say within UEFA. UEFA tournament runs, and feared, but a few years ago, that the English club, oligarchs and oil families and by American entrepreneurs bankrolled, monopolize the trophy. Indeed, it was in about 2009, when three of the four semi-finalists of English, English or were negligible.

But none of these, it is hoped, Cakir the spirit of his call Tuesday.

His business insurance, but at a football around for decades Cakir. It seems that the terrible mistakes that video Michael D’Hooghe, FIFA’s medical committee, the president of the Belgian, has shown that the major determinant found.

D ‘Hooghe’s goal of dangerous errors in the game, players can take a hard line, but their livelihood was threatened instruction. And ‘decisive leader, with the Committee, the doctor stressed that the referee the intention of the perpetrator need not rule on the operation risk.

In the 2010 final, English referee Howard Web for ‘Netherlands Nigel de jonga that Xabi Alonso, head of the Spanish Lung see anything out of the legs. On Tuesday, a lesser offense Nanny interpreted by Cakir as a dangerous sport.

So is it? We are all a thousand times from different angles and in real time or frame-by-frame replay, you can see. Most people believe that defender Alvaro Arbeloa Quote Nanny also like a rollercoaster did not see them from behind.

Nanny ballet stars of such extraordinary knack. He only scored for the eyes and tried to keep it from the air on his shoulder. Arbeloa ran inside, the Nanny shoes brushed his chest, and the Spanish player.

But a British TV studio, a former Man United hard man Roy kine, play devil’s advocate. Right referee’s decision, Keane insisted.

“The Nanny as it is not relevant to the purpose,” he said Arbeloa impact. “They are aware of the players around him, he thinks that he is a football game 20 m. Should?” Keane few who may have meant his playing days are evil. He wrote in his autobiography that he maliciously, stomped an opponent when they are taken out of the player’s career.

In general, the game is clean. Injuries are accidental, but critical traffic police, the way a motorist driving through reckless endangering others feel that they are in the same position.

This is all because of Manchester United in the Champions League? Alex Ferguson, the United manager, and more than a quarter century and games through more than 1,000 coaches, so a red card after the final whistle, but refused to speak to anyone indignant was on. The only match officials, finger jabbed.

Perhaps his state of mind, silence is wise. But when he said that the main Old Trafford quiet,-herzegovina Modric can see the same score was excellent, and Cristiano Ronaldo, goalkeeper David de Gea by the winning goal khodayela either his or her wing can be prevented by defender Rafael.

Either due diligence with the goal mouth, where Ronaldo lurked, unmarked moved around a simple pass. And Ronaldo, who almost apologetically, clubs or sold in the United for Madrid against them meet their career theory.

Ronaldo play for Manchester United players rarely can claim to be surprised by the winning points. And the rest of us to make sure that whatever the red card snatched victory in Madrid’s defeat would not know.

Part of the appeal to the nature of the game. The two sides, each is filled with expensive talent, but not with the excellent team that fielded the club’s history.

The bottom line is that Chelsea and Manchester City, together with the Netherlands, good enough to reach the last eight. And the Premier League, and its worldwide television appeal to all of its hype, is not always the best in Europe.

Or perhaps Spain or Germany this season. Masked by hoopla in Manchester, Borussia Dortmund equivocationly Put Shakhtar Donetsk on Tuesday.