TV star Valerie Harper diagnosed with brain cancer

Valerie Harper in the television “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and its spinoff Rhoda Morgenstern played on “Rhoda,” has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and died.

People magazine reported on its website Wednesday that 73-year-old actress received the news on 15 January. Tests revealed the leptomeningeal carcinomatosis, a rare condition that occurs when cancer cells spread to the fluid-filled membrane surrounding the brain. The report says doctors told Harper that he was too little to live for three months.
Valerie Harper has terminal brain cancer
Valerie Harper has terminal brain cancer
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“I do not think death,” the magazine said in an interview with Harper cover. “I think being here now.”

Harper character, Rhoda, 1970 in television’s most beloved characters, and tart-tongued, self-mockery Rhoda Harper made a star. He has three “Mary” plus “Rhoda,” which ran from 1974 to 1978 for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Supporting Actress consecutive Emmys (1971-1973) won.

Harper, many Broadway musicals as a dancer in the show business started, and the Second City Improv Group in summer stock and worked.

“I was a dancer, but I was always a little overweight,” he once told The Associated Press. “I can say:” Hi, I’m Valerie Harper and I am too heavy. “Before I would say it quickly …. I have always said to be chubby, my nose was too big, my hair was too kinky. “

He initially played Rhoda plump, thin, charming as Mary Richards contrast Humor. But “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” when it was, Rhoda was downsized and its beauty, its brand recognition.

The character was very popular and was soon on his CBS sitcom, which move back home to New York City and married Rhoda, but I was inspired.

After its success on TV, Harper returned to the theater. Several television film and the films “The Chapter” and including the following, “Blame It on Rio.”

In 2000, he joined Moore in the TV movie “Mary and Rhoda.”

“Rhoda Morgenstern gave a wonderful impulse and thrust my career,” she told the AP in 2001.

At that time, the former Broadway comedy “Alice” star Linda stepped in LAVIN created the role of “the wife’s story allergies.”

Harper played what they are “frightened woman a certain age” and he described it as the character of Rhoda, the general belief, he said, “come to life, and it compares to the pleasure. Simply stop and rest with white nakalsa. correct itself. “

In recent years, Harper had guest roles on several television series, and in 2010 returned to Broadway in the Tallulah benkaheda, Hollywood Golden Age plays a flamboyant star.

AP Drama Michael Kuchwara Compare wrote that, “Harper’s Rhoda Morgenstern iconic dunk” and “a terrible sense of comic timing.”

In January, Harper released a new memoir: “I, Rhoda.”


Hugo Chavez, Venezuela’s polarizing leader, dies at 58Hugo Chavez, Venezuela’s polarizing leader, dies at 58

Hugo Chavez, the dust-story adobe home as a tool for poverty induced by the change in the Socialist Party of Venezuela and its President in unparalleled performance and power handling of the country’s oil reserves in the consolidation Tuesday, Vice President Nicolas Maduro said the dead. He was 58. (Read: Who is Hugo Chavez?)

Maduro said Chavez Caracas, where he was a long battle with cancer, was treated for complications in a military hospital died.

Televangelist with a gift for eloquence, Chavez upadyo nationalist movement that led to the American government, wealthy Venezuelans and his disgruntled followers, he was often traitors.

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Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez cancer death
He was a dreamer with a common touch and a huge ambition. He held the ball almost visceral connection, tapping in his wrath, when a strong man like caudillo novel strutting. He was commandant of his followers.

But he was not a stock figure. They are a country rich in oil is not that expensive was on ostentatious consumption. African, indigenous and Spanish – which is dominated by the power of Europeanized best structure was a man who despises his mixed heritage. He hated hunting guerrillas as a soldier, but using the power of weapons captured, because he and fellow conspirators attempted military one group, but not in 1992 no qualms about it. But still he came to power in democratic elections in 1998.

In the office, the home and upended the political order management in Latin America, particularly in Bolivia and Nicaragua client states used in oil revenue. Simon Bolivar, the Venezuelan aristocrat who delighted in the 19th century wars of independence in South America, inspired by the leadership of Chavez tried to unite the region and erode the influence of Washington.

“Hegemonic pretensions of the American empire of humans, endanger the survival of the species,” he said in speech in 2006 at the United Nations. In the same speech, he called President George W. “The Devil.” Bush

Over the years, he succeeded in reducing American influence. He breathed life in Cuba, the only communist country in the hemisphere with the financial assistance, the revolutionary leader Fidel Castro, was not only a partner, but also a source of inspiration. Chávez, Latin America, Ecuador and Bolivia, such as the energy exporting countries, some with the Bolivarian alliance forged, and vakhanaya when they expelled U.S. ambassadors, because they had done. The Venezuelan foreign-owned assets controlled by the oil companies ExxonMobil and other major American project, including the dozens, nationalizing a large economy, the state claimed control.

However, they met with opposition from his own country, he had broad support, in the slums of Cuban doctors and health stores operated by the state subsidized food sales going to fix the employees of the clinics. These and other social programs are corrupt and inefficient, but they can have a society that had been long ignored the feelings of the poor.

Jairam Ramesh Flak from the 2013 budget on Narendra Modi

A letter to the Prime Minister, Indira Awas Yojana Ramesh said that under this scheme, the provincial government could last year, against a target of 1,36,470 houses, 99,925 houses sanctioned only.
“Rs. 134.24 crore as Central share (75 per cent) in the first installment was released in the beginning of this year was the first episode. Published in 16 districts, and other districts for the 2011/12 year for the second installment can not they,” said.
Ramesh, Bihar and Odisha rural ministry budget for the opposition-ruled states such as low cost in mind, “serious administrative shortcomings”, who said that the Modi ministry proposal for the 11 municipalities of the second installment of the current financial year only. 26 districts of Gujarat.
He said the Chief Minister of the State for the same money to provide all relevant information.
Ministry of Rural Development Rs 75,000 crore for the current financial several flagship projects worth Rs 55,000 crore value only can spend.
“The reality is Rs. 75,000 crore was allocated ….. it is a collective responsibility., I can not be the responsibility of the states. Rural Development Minister, I should be held responsible …. I’m in the area of ​​responsibility, he said, stated that “the Ministry said the poor to use.