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Earthquake southeast of L.A. shakes wide area of S. California

Indian Wells, Calif. – A modest but extensive large swath of Southern California felt this earthquake rolled through late Monday morning, but there were no immediate reports of damage.
9:55 The earthquake magnitude was estimated at 4.7, Nick Scheckel, Seismological Laboratory of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena earthquake analyst said. He said that in some Aftershocks stopped.
The epicenter of the Riverside County desert community of Anza was about a dozen miles, about 100 miles southeast of Los Angeles.
The temblor, which is located eight miles in depth in this area was largely strong and complete, or Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino Counties and San Diego and is unwinding.
Susie Female, Cahuilla Mountain Market and Anza cashier at the cafe, said the earthquake seemed to take some time, but they do not damage the company.
“Tremor of sorts, and then I thought,” God, is that an earthquake? “She said, this kind of sunken and then rolled slightly sunken and again”.
25 miles north of Anza, Palm Springs police Sgt. Harvey Reid said that his department damage or injuries have been reported. No immediate reports of damage in the region.
An earthquake of this size may be too damaged regions, not with modern building standards.
“It is highly unlikely that any damage caused by the earthquake,” Lucy Jones, U.S. Geological Survey in Pasadena, said seismologist with.
Jones is a strong epicenter of the tremor, not directly, but said much more removed.
“At most, there were some places where the objects to be thrown from shelves, but that would be the extent of the damage to us,” he said.
The temblor San Jacinto Fault, the most active fault in Southern California Earthquakes strike – slip in, Jones said.
“The History of the 20th century, has the highest number of damaging earthquakes,” Jones said.
The last two decades, there is a high five earthquakes of 4.7 magnitude or not, he said, and in the 20th century, there were 6 of intensity and high eight earthquake.
Rachel Siefken Aguanga in Riverside County town of his 4-year-old daughter and 16 – month-old son was home when the shaking started. It was the first earthquake experience for both children, and her son was terrified, she said, although no damage temblor in their home.
“I took him in my arms and I was in the doorway with” Siefken, the California Virtual Academy to teach English online said.


Happy Mother’s Day: Five Monstrous Mamas

UK We are here today in celebration of Mother’s Day, when I want to offer my own longsuffering mother to say thank you to this day, I especially find this special twenty-four hours a nauseating Internet. You are, who their parents manage both individuals and because I know that you are there, you fertilize your bloody rubbish every year on this day with some all due respect.Enough about the blissful feeling of pleasure we leave the rest of our quiet Sunday afternoon in pintsa weep quietly.

I know, I sound like a miserable old cow. This is especially because I’m a miserable old cow, but we do not get carried away / life in children with a miracle in my life whole schtick, eh? See, I’m sure parents get their children out too am JOY. I really am. I am sure that it works fine for me and millions of people. As such, there is no need for parents to continually desire is clearly bright, and take every opportunity to talk about the present as the gushing terms imaginable. Sometimes it looks like parents trying to convince himself as much as the rest of us are. Why not be honest only? Parenting does not require advertising campaign. We are not here on the edge of extinction.

Realistically, each for the ‘I’ll Wuv, Mommy’ said the angel round that kicks you see the face and tell you that they will hate you. They masterpiece for each paintily Home School, Little varmint’ll no doubt that something wreck expensive and can not be changed at home. We will not bring parents know. We’ve seen it everywhere. You do not need to play on happiness to hide pain. We’re crazy for you, and you’re not crazy filmmakers. And the horror genre has long made fun of playing with many parents fear surrounding pregnancy and birth to the outside, -. Ignorant children in the world, shocking, dangerous, deadly, and downright disgusting mental health may be particularly destabilizing, there are some great examples of films that are somewhat disturbing perspective than we usually think of social media websites will explore the mother (except , of course, we want it back again decimated vagina).

Here are my favorite examples of horror films that I am very grateful for the fact that I Guardianship, in this neck of the woods, and at least at this time, that you do not select a choice. Oh, and I very seriously. Happy Mothers Day, Mothers. For balance, here are some other moms who may have other things on his mind than her mother pleasure.

‘Saheb Biwi aur Gangster Returns’ review: Tigmanshu Dhulia’s ‘ghamasan’ return!

There are times when you do a movie you need to film some sign that this is a time sink so it begins. Director Tigmanshu Dhulia’s ‘Sahib, Biwi Aur Gangster Returns’ is not less than a miracle. It permeates the senses, you grin with a link to your party, let your tears, make you gape in amazement – a period of only 145 minutes. And it flies away for some time, but inexperienced pace. Before one knows, “Sahib, Biwi Aur Gangster Returns ‘enchants his last flash is one of limitations begins and leave them with unspeakable emotions abundance. Although its prequel Saheb, Biwi Aur Gangster’ was a great film, so this is two-fold a., or perhaps manifold.

Dhulia’s script is original, fresh, and takes the story where the last one ended. There are well-developed characters in a breathtaking glide in his roles with ease. No, it is not a character dies in a moment seems superfluous. A quirky look, and I am missing something: viewed the generality of passe, Dhulia revels are kept for a period of one viewer attention span!

“Sahib, Biwi Aur Madhvi with ‘Gangster end (Mahie Gill) – This Biwi – Babloo murder – Gangster (Randeep Hooda). Aditya Pratap Singh (as sir Jimmy Sheirgill), during the shooting paralyzed from the waist down. Madhvi, and his favor Region seal sympathy votes, politics, and so the region is selected by the MLA.

Saheb Biwi tense and marital relations, an overview of which appears in the first part, has now reached an uncontrollable level. So Biwi alcohol eccentricity, and longing for her husband. Aditya Meanwhile, a friend of his step mother Ranjana (Soha) is also noticeable in interest for the daughter. Aditya Pratap ancestor – and that fondly by his people ‘Raja Bhaiyya’ said Ranjana love Indrajeet (IK) Singh, a prince, a neighboring king whose ancestors lost their state.

When “Uncle Bunny ‘(Raj Babbar) – Soha’s father – learns that Aditya Pratap, a married man, has taken a fancy to his daughter, his anger is understandable. Sir, a man who only Ranjana’s brother arrested in Dubai on false charges and then hand – with a twist with his father, he may be busy. Indrajeet do not hesitate to bring his clan ancestral enemies of the declaration of war – and says: “Jung … Hogi ghamasan Hogi … “(There will be a dangerous war effort ..)

Sahib comes to reclaim his love of travel, the Indra jewelry Biwi, deviate from the route, the length of each and breadth of its Ranjana commitment of love … There is a break between the feet of the politicians who are dead, and a younger brother of a police inspector (Parvesh Rana) under his wing to take. The ‘Sahib, Biwi Aur Gangster Returns’ journey story filled with twists on each turn.

Jimmy’s Sheirgill act is spectacular to say the least.

Mahie Gill – the Bertha Mason – like Biwi – for lack of a more intense word – that it is possible to see, I have a gun with the greatest of ease. On the one hand, and on the other side feeling their work draws heavily on ingenuity. Nobody can afford to ignore either the actor or the character Mahie Madhvi.

Irrfan Khan … He does not talk about how to start one! Prince who became his woman, her knight in shining armor for who wants to have a problem – one that will be powerful characters in Hindi cinema, the history of this era is not part of the IK Indrajeet. The actor laughing hard at his comical antics shows up, it is like when they go to a polo to Aditya Pratap Singh, I admired and at other times, leave a tear. The actor may be that the full range of emotions in the viewer’s face is alive, there is hardly anything to say about his skills. Irfan and does so with extreme potency.

Soha Ali Khan, his moments, beautiful. Troubled times in the grip of a transactional relationship with Soha her performance to her mesmerized audience. For the ‘Sahib, Biwi Aur Gangster Returns’ complementary team, the Khan act delivers a power packed. Parvesh Rana as an agent for years, the fact that television has done wonders for her acting talent chiselling justice. The film’s supporting cast is entirely admirable, and Raj Babbar – a brilliant actor – a special mention to be found.

Need a deafening applause from view. Should be short, everything – even the same background score, the camera work, art direction, the noise, subtle pot shots on the day of contemporary politics, this Act applies.

Tigmanshu Dhulia film’s hinterland to the public to call the real India, where the earthy, solid back with stories. What Hume places where women can unabashedly say hi que … Shayar Milte Milte kyu nahi hai “!

International Women’s Day: who, what, when and why?

The idea of ??an International Women’s Day early socialist movement in the early 20th century.

It was revolutionary at the time. Now, it is removed. In this day and throughout the world is recognized by governments, organizations and Afghanistan, Chinas, many countries, including Vietnam and Zambia, official holiday.

Although day to see positive results, but the gender inequalities continue to serve as a reminder. “The promise of action to end violence against women are promised price.”: A Year in Delhi a gruesome gang rape and the world watched in shock, the UN has chosen a theme that just says

All ‘Women’s Singles

No Awareness Day and International Women’s Day with a charity single, complete any different. “A Woman,” “It ‘a musical celebration of women in the world compiled by the United Nations. Largest charity singles chart toppers positive PR feature to find a bit contrary, fortunately for you, Charlie, Jesse, or Emeli not get on the track, it’s a beautiful classier affair a. 20 countries, with 25 artists, music Graham Lyle, back, man was composed by Tina Turner, “What’s Love Got to do so” and the British / Somali singer and songwriter with lyrics by Beth Blatt Fahan Hasan, there is also a sitar player. Anoushka Shankar, daughter of the legendary Ravi Shankar., we sang “a slogan inspiring the audience is asked to join the drive for women’s rights and gender equalit
And finally …

Man, I know what you think. Why are all the women? When our special day?

Well, do not despair, you just have to wait for the International Men’s Day for November 19 [insert joke about every day that the International Men’s Day].

North Korea threatens nuclear strike, U.N. expands sanctions

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice said that North Korea’s threats achieved nothing and would only be more different.

UN Ambassador Li Baodong said that Beijing’s Chinas new UN Security Council resolution that Pyongyang on financial constraints and its efforts to send and receive cargo, it is strictly forbidden to see “the full implementation of the” wants.

As a launch pad for nuclear war North Korea military exercises in South Korea accused the United States and Washington, with the use of a ceasefire in the Korean War from 1950 to 1953, hostilities have broken him.

A North Korean general said on Tuesday that Pyongyang had broken the truce. But the two sides of the war and the civil war ended with the Treaty of technology in the end.

North Korea almost daily basis in the United States and its “puppet”, South Korea, feared.

“Since the United States is to ignite a nuclear war, we advance our best to protect the interests of a nuclear attack against an attacker headquarters will use our right,” a foreign ministry spokesman said the North’s official news agency KCNA statement by.

Third, in defiance of UN resolutions on North Korea’s May 12 nuclear test, carried out and announced that it secured a work in progress in the nuclear arsenal. It is generally believed that a nuclear strike capability against the northern United States mainland.

With high tension on the Korean peninsula, the UN Security Council unanimously voted for sanctions on North Korea spread. The new restrictions in the United States and the Chinas, the harsh measures against its allies and neighbors have a history of resistance after three weeks of negotiations between agreed.

The resolution of North Korea’s elite indicates approval for certain luxury goods such as imported yachts, cars, luxury cars and jewelry are not specific forms of racing. This loophole countries to determine what a luxury he could not properly closed out.

“These restrictions will fall and fall hard,” Rice said.

North Korea of ??luxury goods. Have been banned since 2006, though diplomats and analysts said uneven enforcement of UN sanctions.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon Ban, a former South Korean foreign minister, the Council welcomed the movement said in a statement that the resolution “has sent a clear message (North Korea) that the international community will not tolerate nuclear weapons.”

Council diplomats said the new measures of success, Chinas of them icchasakita large extent dependent on enforcing stricter than in the past.

Pyongyang carried out nuclear tests in 2006 and 2009 with the hit in retaliation for the UN sanctions. These measures are strictly followed and then expanded north of missile launches.

In addition to the ban on luxury goods, there is an arms embargo against North Korea, and nuclear and missile technology to restricted trade.

“Now, we can launch another test or a bomb, but in the medium term, the Resolution on DPRK dismantle its program opportunities are increasing,” Lopez said, using the acronym of the DPRK.

Threats and war games

Korean armed border with North Korea’s threats by both sides on this week Escalating War, the latest in a word.

Unnamed foreign ministry spokesman said the North may be appropriate as a military action on March 11 when the U.S. and South Korea military exercises will be a platform for a full-scale move.

“Provocation by North Korea’s continued threats and nothing more countries and people will differ and international peace and stability in Northeast Asia will hurt efforts to promote the launch. Would achieve,” Rice told reporters.

President Barack Obama administration has said that the American nuclear umbrella for South Korea and Japan, and is committed to missile defense through deterrence “highest level” in the face of new threats, again guaranteed.

Glyn Davies, the State Department’s point man on North Korea, but a Senate hearing that Washington will not accept North Korea as a nuclear state said in prepared testimony.

Russian UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin called for restraint and an end to the threats. “Let cool and keep our attention focused on the need for action is the only rational course, and it’s back to the six-party talks,” he said.

North Korea, in Pyongyang on Thursday from its recent threats of military force in support of a rally held in protest against the rocket launch condemned by the UN. It says that they are part of a peaceful space program, and it was criticized by the United States is an exercise in double standards.

Harsh rhetoric in the north, rare or out. In 2010, an armed invasion of the South Korean island last South against unannounced bombing, were, two civilians were killed. It is a South Korean naval ship in the previous year, was accused of sinking killed 46 sailors.

North Korea was a series of military exercises and ready to perform an unusual scale of the entire war, South Korea’s Defense Ministry said earlier.

South Korea and the United States, the military exercises conducted annually until the end of April, watch for signs that they can continue to exercise a real attack in the northern operations, said that the Ministry of Defence, South Korea-seok Kim Spokesman Min.

South Korea’s military on Wednesday, giving him a rare warning that Pyongyang North to retaliate and attack would establish its leadership.

Manchester United Shouldn’t Play the Blame Game

These shoes dangerous exalted, and the referee is, only a fraction of a second view, the offending player is given a red card.

The Times’s soccer blog has the world’s game covered from all angles.
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Pandemonium. Emails, television commentary, the sign con tweets

Some said that Turkish referee decided to Manchester United on Tuesday, the winger, Nani, send by Real Madrid in the Champions League were robbed. Others said that the referee Cuneyt Cakir, his duty was, in this book, and the sentence passed was a dangerous game.

Any way, it is more than a billion dollars every game between the two clubs and the ref calls from turning into the live broadcast in the world.

Nobody knows whether the United Kingdom would have won the game. This led to a red card, but eventually lost 2-1, then the rest of the half hour at Old Trafford reduced to 11 men against 10.

From United result looks like an English side’s Champions League quarter. And, except for football miracle as Arsenal a 3-1 deficit in Munich next week to try to continue, the final English involvement in the future – to be played in London in May – full.

The good thing is, some say within UEFA. UEFA tournament runs, and feared, but a few years ago, that the English club, oligarchs and oil families and by American entrepreneurs bankrolled, monopolize the trophy. Indeed, it was in about 2009, when three of the four semi-finalists of English, English or were negligible.

But none of these, it is hoped, Cakir the spirit of his call Tuesday.

His business insurance, but at a football around for decades Cakir. It seems that the terrible mistakes that video Michael D’Hooghe, FIFA’s medical committee, the president of the Belgian, has shown that the major determinant found.

D ‘Hooghe’s goal of dangerous errors in the game, players can take a hard line, but their livelihood was threatened instruction. And ‘decisive leader, with the Committee, the doctor stressed that the referee the intention of the perpetrator need not rule on the operation risk.

In the 2010 final, English referee Howard Web for ‘Netherlands Nigel de jonga that Xabi Alonso, head of the Spanish Lung see anything out of the legs. On Tuesday, a lesser offense Nanny interpreted by Cakir as a dangerous sport.

So is it? We are all a thousand times from different angles and in real time or frame-by-frame replay, you can see. Most people believe that defender Alvaro Arbeloa Quote Nanny also like a rollercoaster did not see them from behind.

Nanny ballet stars of such extraordinary knack. He only scored for the eyes and tried to keep it from the air on his shoulder. Arbeloa ran inside, the Nanny shoes brushed his chest, and the Spanish player.

But a British TV studio, a former Man United hard man Roy kine, play devil’s advocate. Right referee’s decision, Keane insisted.

“The Nanny as it is not relevant to the purpose,” he said Arbeloa impact. “They are aware of the players around him, he thinks that he is a football game 20 m. Should?” Keane few who may have meant his playing days are evil. He wrote in his autobiography that he maliciously, stomped an opponent when they are taken out of the player’s career.

In general, the game is clean. Injuries are accidental, but critical traffic police, the way a motorist driving through reckless endangering others feel that they are in the same position.

This is all because of Manchester United in the Champions League? Alex Ferguson, the United manager, and more than a quarter century and games through more than 1,000 coaches, so a red card after the final whistle, but refused to speak to anyone indignant was on. The only match officials, finger jabbed.

Perhaps his state of mind, silence is wise. But when he said that the main Old Trafford quiet,-herzegovina Modric can see the same score was excellent, and Cristiano Ronaldo, goalkeeper David de Gea by the winning goal khodayela either his or her wing can be prevented by defender Rafael.

Either due diligence with the goal mouth, where Ronaldo lurked, unmarked moved around a simple pass. And Ronaldo, who almost apologetically, clubs or sold in the United for Madrid against them meet their career theory.

Ronaldo play for Manchester United players rarely can claim to be surprised by the winning points. And the rest of us to make sure that whatever the red card snatched victory in Madrid’s defeat would not know.

Part of the appeal to the nature of the game. The two sides, each is filled with expensive talent, but not with the excellent team that fielded the club’s history.

The bottom line is that Chelsea and Manchester City, together with the Netherlands, good enough to reach the last eight. And the Premier League, and its worldwide television appeal to all of its hype, is not always the best in Europe.

Or perhaps Spain or Germany this season. Masked by hoopla in Manchester, Borussia Dortmund equivocationly Put Shakhtar Donetsk on Tuesday.

Valerie Harper Diagnosed With Terminal Brain Cancer

Rhoda Morgenstern never dispute or a challenge he is ready to fight, or at least not in the mouth. Fortunately for Valerie Harper, it’s still a bit of an inside favorite character. After three years of fighting lung cancer, the actress was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, and when making any kind of recovery is remote, his opportunities, he devoted his energy to enjoy.

The actress seventy three years old earlier this week with the sad news to share with people. Apparently accurate diagnosis of leptomeningeal carcinomatosis, which means that there is a fluid-filled membrane that surrounds the outside of the brain cancer, and they may be too small for the three months to live. This situation is very rare, but Harper personality, it makes sense given. It’s certainly not the type that everything will die.

Harper rose to fame in the early 1970s after a television scout saw her in a play and asked her to audition for The Mary Tyler Moore Show. He and the late Rhoda was a safe part of the show for four Emmy Award for his work and said that they spin to win in 1974. Since years, the television show, in the key role of Valerie and nami busy with guest roles on board to work on.

Pope blend sincere good wishes go out to Harper. By all accounts, it’s very generous and kind-hearted woman. Here’s hoping that his words on it without any regrets ball.