Jairam Ramesh Flak from the 2013 budget on Narendra Modi

A letter to the Prime Minister, Indira Awas Yojana Ramesh said that under this scheme, the provincial government could last year, against a target of 1,36,470 houses, 99,925 houses sanctioned only.
“Rs. 134.24 crore as Central share (75 per cent) in the first installment was released in the beginning of this year was the first episode. Published in 16 districts, and other districts for the 2011/12 year for the second installment can not they,” said.
Ramesh, Bihar and Odisha rural ministry budget for the opposition-ruled states such as low cost in mind, “serious administrative shortcomings”, who said that the Modi ministry proposal for the 11 municipalities of the second installment of the current financial year only. 26 districts of Gujarat.
He said the Chief Minister of the State for the same money to provide all relevant information.
Ministry of Rural Development Rs 75,000 crore for the current financial several flagship projects worth Rs 55,000 crore value only can spend.
“The reality is Rs. 75,000 crore was allocated ….. it is a collective responsibility., I can not be the responsibility of the states. Rural Development Minister, I should be held responsible …. I’m in the area of ​​responsibility, he said, stated that “the Ministry said the poor to use.


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